Man Moves a Mansion to Multiply Home’s Value

Michigan resident Fritz Kruer was struggling to get his 6,600-square-foot Grand Rapids home sold, so he made an extreme decision: Move the mansion. 

By moving the mansion about 30 feet and rotating it about 45 degrees, Kruer was able to multiply his potential real estate transactions, with two newly created vacant lots and his newly moved home. The two vacant lots are selling for about $300,000 each. One lot has already sold to a developer. 

“Everybody in town is more interested in building new homes than [buying] big houses,” Kruer told WXMI-Fox. “So we thought to make it possible to develop the property and create a couple more lots, we’d move the house.” 

Kruer says he plans to move from his moved mansion after the brickwork and remodeling are completed. The home was moved to a new foundation with new basement. He says it cost about $100,000 to move. 

Source: “Man Moves Mansion to Other Side of Property,” WXMI-Fox (Grand Rapids) (Aug. 19, 2013) and “Michigan Man Moves Mansion in Bid to Multiply Property’s Value,” AOL Real Estate (Aug. 20, 2013)