In order to grow in life, you have to Create Better Problems.

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In today's real estate market, clients want your undivided attention at a moment's notice. 

Picture how you are as a consumer...are you marketing yourself the same way?  You, rightfully, expect access and answers immediately - we live in the digital age - if it isn't instantaneous, we move on to the next business that can meet our needs.

Think about the effect that Amazon has had on retail - free 2 day shipping is the norm.

If you are trying to grow a successful real estate business and meet the needs of your ever growing client list, how can you do everything on your own and expect your clients to receive 5 star service they would be excited to tell a friend about?

You must leverage your time and resources with a strong team.

Each team member plays a vital role in your client's experience with the most important purchase they may ever make.

You cannot do it on your own anymore...or you will hate your business.

If you are doing these 3 things, you are a Secret Real Estate Agent.

Unless you are a spy, this is not a good business model.